Becoming The Archetype

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Erek Shutter
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Becoming The Archetype

Post by Erek Shutter » 06 Feb 2020 04:52

Breaking the foundation
Collapse the control
Building a revolution to heal nations
It starts within you
In this search for I and I the truth is always deep inside
(Reversal of oneself finding the truth)
Awakened from the shadows
Leaving behind that cold and silent planet
Moving through infinity
Into the embrace of heaven
Eternity has overtaken me
Eternity is inside of me
My eyes have been illuminated
To reality; the fallen state of earth
Revelation penetrates the silence
Cuts to the center of my spirit
Destroys my previous conception of existence
Until this moment all that I have known
Is death's attempt at imitating life
(And for the first time I am truly alive)
Eternity has overtaken me
Eternity is inside of me.
now the veil is broken,
The light is clearly seen
The lines begin to blur
And reveal what's always been
Its rising, it's growing
And all our hearts are glowing
Its raining, it's flooding
And we can feel it in our bones
Don't believe your eyes
The light is growing brighter
Don't accept the obvious
Time is a face upon the water
Shadow veils perception
Breeds deception and false doubt
In the soil of assumption
Seeds of hopelessness are found
No more painting shadows
On the canvas of life
No more drinking water
Out of wells that are dry

Can you imagine being left alone in the dark with no companion but a fragmented mind....some would call it a hell. For those who have done the great work and have reclaimed their birthright it will be a veritable heaven of sorts..a place where anything is possible

Rewrite the ending.
the great reaping
Alive or just breathing.

293...I have been to the edge and back and have many a story to tell.
Even through the darkest days this fire burns always.

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