Hello all

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Hello all

Post by Arcanos » 07 Feb 2020 11:57

Hey all, I'm new here and I get the feeling that this isn't by chance.
Firstly I'll introduce myself, I'm "Arcanos" the first letter of my real name is E and the first letter of my last name is L so you can call me EL (pronounced Hell "English", EL "Spanish meaning The..." ) I was born on the winter solstice, I was 21 on the the 12/21/2012, I'm in a discovery of self, as you all know we have a Real name beyond namuh records that's what I want to find first then there is the question "who am I?".A brief introduction about my soul...

Chapter of shadows part1

My name...
My true name, I don't remember it...
... But I feel it.
I feel the power in me, in all of us.
But I lost myself in the shadows and like a symbiotic relationship, it's attached to me, feeding me and nurturing me, but like it, I feed it and accept it in me.
I know I am light, but I'm also darkness.
We are one, there are no more two wolf's in me, there is a pack of wolf's now...
Even a pack has fears.…
But we still stand together (light, me, darkness)…
…Funny... LIGHT ME DARKNESS, it seems I'm asking it.
Maybe I am...
...I don't know...

I do know I'm not alone, I'm no longer shallow and hollow, I'm complete and in fulfillment of self.

Selfish? Maybe. But if I'm happy and well in life I can help others to achieve the same fulfillment and to chase there dreams of the soul and heart.

So yeah... I'm going to keep using my shadow veil, but underneath it, there is a light brighter than one thousand Sun's.
But it will only shine for those who seek the light, and have seen the shadows of life.

This is my shadow soul:

Body of black flames and crimson red eyes, a glare of flaming emotions.
Cold around, but warm within.
So am I.…
…So are we...

This I wrote a few days ago, I just felt like it.
But back to the point sorry.
I'm seeking a teacher or teachers to help me find my answers I don't want a given answer I just want directions, I seek unity of the conscience, I seek to see the void and within as without, the heavens of consciousness and beyond it.
My soul hungers for knowledge, but not just any knowledge, knowledge of the cosmic board game in which we are all pawns, players and audience.
Foregive me if it doesn't match your view of existence "or the paradox of duality you may believe in"
It's the reality of my universe, my perspective. I'll accept and respect your own and probably will create yours in my existence too soon yeah X)
All these words and nothing said right...
I ask for a reply by anyone...
And if you read this till the end, thank you...
Thank you for the patience shown for this roundabout mind...
Guardian of the riches who is like God? Son of the army of the south Son of wlof

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Re: Hello all

Post by O.P.A.L » 24 Feb 2020 16:26

Cosmic lies told by all
To find the eyes seen by sea
Hailing in the mystery
To seek a light made by your own
Self delusional delight
O. P. A. L.
Yes to see
Sea the see
To see
Perfect gears stained
Rust, see the sea. Not the water.

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Re: Hello all

Post by BeN1 » 26 Feb 2020 15:11

hello from me back 2 you/(O.P.A.L.)


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