A Quick Tour of Dave D's Starship

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A Quick Tour of Dave D's Starship

Post by DaveD » 12 Feb 2020 15:51

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Re: A Quick Tour of Dave D's Starship

Post by BeN1 » 12 Feb 2020 17:40

to see these mystic spirits this page conveys transferred to reality is a bit surreal in its own special way.

aber Dave ist cooler Tüp! :mrgreen:


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Re: A Quick Tour of Dave D's Starship

Post by Sh3rl0ck » 13 Feb 2020 03:21

Greetings Mr. Denison from the Denisom dimension!

My deductions have already known your exact coordinates and whereabouts, because of my exceptional observation and detective skills, but I must appreciate the inside tour of the control center. A marvelous site indeed. The many artifacts and books is an awe to me. The spiritual aspects of your room is full of contagious vibes felt through the screen of my laptop.

Take care our wise leader!

I am the son of rage and love

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Re: A Quick Tour of Dave D's Starship

Post by Erek Shutter » 14 Feb 2020 04:42

The truth is absolution

No beginning and no end

Man has only forgotten

The great singularity

A gift

The choice

Two divergent paths

Those who seek reunification

(Keepers of knowledge)

Those who seek after the self

(Hold the keys and guard the doors)

Paradise lost

The fall of man

The reclamation

Reunification with the great singularity

Becoming the archetype

The ship is preparing to leave.
Even through the darkest days this fire burns always.

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