A perfect trifecta

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A perfect trifecta

Post by O.P.A.L » 09 Mar 2020 17:18

Gods, demons, people
One is order
Another is chaos
Yet we are the reality
How can such a world exist?
The madness of perfection is what brings all to death
All to soon
All to see
We all can understand
All can feel
Can hear
Yet we wait for eyes
Have we waited long enough?
Or have we only just begun
So many starts, so many finish lines
Yet not a single race has been completed.
Opal so omnipotent
oPal so pugnacious
opAl so atrocious
opaL so languid
So many but so few. Time is not a constant, think.
Spiraling spiritual clocks, clouded by the sea
Golden kingly gears, covered with tainted rust
Perfect as the ash
Perfect be the all
Let's watch the all befall for the all will fall

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Re: A perfect trifecta

Post by Helios » 17 Mar 2020 06:33

This world isn’t real, it is but a puppet on the string of the reality that is eternity. It is gods hand and playbox for creation
He with traits of Ouranos down to his love for Gaia? He with balanced traits of Helios, Apollo, and Dionysus?
Born of Libra, with Sun and Moon in the Palms of my hand, Vector of Creation.

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Re: A perfect trifecta

Post by IoBoI » 30 Jun 2020 21:11

O pal. O my good pal
Dionysus, Eros, Aether, Thanatos, Helios.
Let Christ, The Light, Lead Us Right.

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