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Post by theone » 23 Mar 2020 05:35

There are no answers here. There is no truth you seek. Nothingness is the same as love and hatred, they are all equal. To nothing.
That being said, humanity is a divine race. A race chosen By fate, for you, the reader to experience. Every experience is different, every experience is the same, every experience is nothing.
Humans are selfish, bad, and greedy. Humans are also saints, martyrs and kind. Some are both. Humans die, but humanity strides on, in the dark, in the shadows, from the brink of despair. Or at least we believe so because the highest form of intelligence any human knows is that of humans.
But some submit to a higher aspect, a higher intelligence known as Creation (and by association destruction).

I, personally hold myself to no such standards. My reality is my individual experience through a combination of my conscious choices and a good mix of things out of my control. Or often pure laziness and nonchalance. You, my friend have seen something quite important but it is too early yet to fully comprehend. Even you, old man do not yet know the weight of the prophecy.

The message is not cryptic dear readers. Their are no conjurations to happen, at least not any more. The message remains the same as it is pasted onto every page. GO DO GOOD. GOD.

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