I'm new

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I'm new

Post by Topazuke » 24 Mar 2020 18:14

Hey I just stumbled across this website, and it really interests me. It's obvious that I'm supposed to do things by myself, but the website is, I'm sure you all know, huge. So I'm not quite sure where to start. Then again, I'm guessing that's part of the mystery. So maybe a clue would be nice, to head me in the right direction, but just saying hi would be appreciated as well.

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Re: I'm new

Post by O.P.A.L » 25 Mar 2020 03:58

To heeding the all,
For to see the sea can cause
It to fall?

Just pick a place and start reading, you will find what you came for. Trust me.
Spiraling spiritual clocks, clouded by the sea
Golden kingly gears, covered with tainted rust
Perfect as the ash
Perfect be the all
Let's watch the all befall for the all will fall

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