Crown to crows of thorns

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Crown to crows of thorns

Post by O.P.A.L » 25 Mar 2020 03:55

A crooked crown to be
Has a crooked man you see
To be a sea within to I
To be a me, not we
Can we be crooked
Can we be?

A crooked crow sits and sees
To listen in the rapid pleas
Of a crooked man he is
We can only wish this crooked steed
To ride upon a crooked keep
To hear the lies
So purely, oh the purity.

A crown of thorns can never be
Straight and pure
Oh no don't see
For this crown is born of
OH the humanity
Can't yall see?

So of many
Crows and crowns
Thorns in keeps
To the blood
That soon will flow
To the sea
The crooked, it weeps
To be pure
Only in the eyes of our 0pal.
Only in those eyes
May we hope
O. P. A. L.

Spiraling spiritual clocks, clouded by the sea
Golden kingly gears, covered with tainted rust
Perfect as the ash
Perfect be the all
Let's watch the all befall for the all will fall

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