World greed

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World greed

Post by amberdeep » 25 Mar 2020 19:16

[]The world is corrupt and full of greed
But alas mother nature is beginning to bleed
We dig into her core and cut down her trees
Slowly dying she can no longer breathe
She is gasping but the greed doesn't care
Digging and cutting it is stripping her bare
The warnings she's sending are there to behold
The floods, the fires the story unfolds
Animals are dying the land is burning as hell is unleashed upon us
Yet the greed still keeps turning onwards, relentless, profit and wealth they are all yearning.
Mankind can be good but mostly bad, greed and corruption driving us mad
The wealthy few laughing at our expense but the time has come for recompense
Behold this warning as the tide is turning
3 millenia of human sapians has run its task, yet in denial we all wear the mask
Billions of years to create our earth it will be destroyed by our greed corruption and murth
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by Jaxsimo

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