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Post by IoBoI » 11 May 2020 03:54

There’s men who will spend their entire lives devoted to charity, helping incessantly and tending to the meek, but will spend the entirety of their lives in the same small town bc all their energy goes to helping people.

Then there’s men who reach the upper echelons of wealth and fortune, travel the world, and feel like “kings” but never can feel for anything besides the material.

Of course human examples are in the excess, but my consensus is the same as most I believe, they have a limited grasp on the big picture and what is important in life. Like yes nothing in this world will compare to the feeling of community with friends or family but if that’s all you do, what are you really doing? And if you spend your life as a fancy rich stockbroker, you may be rich in material, what are you really doing?

My take is to walk the line, if you’re from a wealthy family why wouldn’t you go on a journey to see betterment for yourself and those around you since you have the funds? Why do people with all the wealth tend to plant their feet in their beliefs and stagnate? And why do those rich in love never feel the need to develop a craft or career and thus stagnate in a different form.

There’s a way to get the best of every world in any scenario. Jesus gave us the perfect example on how to live happily as nomadic, but you can never begin to build a foundation for your temple/house if you’re always moving and only spending time with your buddies. And then you had unnecessarily wealthy Kings who never do anything besides lounge around and stroke their ego. To me I think the world would truly be open to the man who can open himself up to live nomadic or with nature but still walk back into society fluently and have the money to live our his desires not just bc he wants wealth but he wants a means to live out his dreams. You’ll see men who completely denounce civilization and become feral, you see men drown in the Petri dish of society bc they get too caught on the latest trends and don’t know how to manage themselves.
Tbh in my opinion, Johnny Appleseed was worthy of a messiah/monad whatever status, man truly lived free with no chains of society but still was LOVED and became a legend purely on the power of landscaping and living in the wilderness, but every now and then he’d walk back into town for a drink or a meal or to tell a story. Yeah the motherfucker probably looked “insane” but so do you if you’ve read this far.
In my conclusion, pick the fruits of every land you can and plant seeds in them too. If you’re a rich CEO why not give hiking or meditation in the woods a try? And if you’re trailer park trash with only a concept of love why not try and apply whatever niche you have truly? Shake it up maybe I’m manic but I cannot stand to stand in place despite my job being to work from home, physically I will need to go on a walk or chill in some trees staring a damn screen all day can be maddening. Seriously why isn’t the ability to fucking get off your ass and have passion not taught in schools? This site has given me more general knowledge to navigate life and enjoy history/art/theology than the majority of my schooling. Then again teaching is a literal hell and as someone who hated my ignorant peers in school I have a small concept of the difficulties that come with those little demons, maybe I’m just pointing fingers and humanity is only doing its best idk. We all acknowledge sacred and divine truths are for the majority either lost or attempted to be used for petty gain,maybe these petty desires will always find a way to manifest no matter what, idk, I know for certain the watering down of information and false teachers/preachers are as much to blame for hindering humanity as much as Cain hindered Abel, I guess it can be hard to wrap your mind around being responsible for another human being when we struggle to manage ourselves, nevertheless a whole classroom or church, but really there’s no excuse for hindering a child’s development just bc you couldn’t fit your job’s shoe, the path to destruction is paved with good intentions but if you’re not seeing your work as play atleast for the majority of the week something is wrong
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