Helle's "A MAZE IN PICTURES" - Teddy

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Re: Helle's "A MAZE IN PICTURES" - Teddy

Post by BeN1 » 25 Jun 2020 10:45

hey romding,

just saw all of those A-MAZE-IN posts,
I like them, this 1 is which I like most,
looks like it was a bit inspired by the works of
M. C. Esher.

like switching between dimensions in that impossible way, only art has to offer.

skulls are always smiling

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Re: Helle's "A MAZE IN PICTURES" - Teddy

Post by IoBoI » 26 Jun 2020 03:54

Beautiful in material as in cosmic/immaterial. A latter extends into the room as soon from the divine all. A beautiful representation as both immaterial as both material
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