Is this a cult?

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Is this a cult?

Post by Army » 01 Aug 2020 10:01

Crawled through a lot of religious text and rabbit holes to find a message board? What is this and how do I become enlightened.

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Re: Is this a cult?

Post by Mahavakyamurti » 02 Aug 2020 09:57

Your questions regarding both this site and enlightenment will probably have a wide variety of answers all depending on who dares to try answering.

My view regarding "enlightenment" is that it is mostly a hyped-up buzzword primarily used by people trying to make sense of (and often even settle for) their own first glimpse of the expanded consciousness.

There is however a genuine subtle shift of consciousness found among mystics of all traditions that goes beyond any concepts or definitions, for which "enlightenment" is the best word to use when ponting to that which is beyond what language can describe.

There are ways to realize this, differing methods in numerous different traditions, but a common prerequisite in most cases is the dropping of the very concept of "enlightenment" since any concepts, ideas, names and forms obscures reality. Seeking actual "enlightenment" is a rough process, involving the deconstruction of everything you take for granted, including your own very sense of being.

Any genuine seeker, ready to accept this challenge, will find his or her own way to this path no matter the circumstances, wether they try or not, and guidance will all of a sudden be found everywhere. The maze on this site is nothing but a collection, paired with a numerological systematization, of several (but far from every) accounts of where this common undercurrent can be found everywhere in culture and science.

I wouldn't advice anyone to actively seek "enlightenment" since that endeavour most often leads to nothing but detours, but my advice to everyone, regardless of everything else considered here, would be the following: Drop any intention to grasp any concept of "enlightenment", genuine seeking cannot be forced so just immerse yourself in the magnificent power of the works of countless creative minds. The answers to every question already reside within yourself and the realization will dawn upon you when you are ready, until then: just enjoy the ride.

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