Strange computer game

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Strange computer game

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Hi friends. This is my first post on this site. I found a creepy video game from Japan. When I played it I found a few oddities. The first is that the game is "empty", that is, there is no one and nothing in the game except the player. No enemies, no furniture. All we have are white walls. When you touch the walls, the game gives an error and crashes.

I decided to study the map and after much trying I was able to draw up an inaccurate plan of the area. The walls form the hieroglyph of death.

I have no idea what that might mean.

The name of the game window is translated from Japanese as "Your hell".

The second oddity is more creepy. Despite the fact that you play absolutely no sounds, I heard some screams from the speakers of my computer. They were almost indistinguishable, as if they were only in my head.

And one more thing. It was as if some creature was looking at me from around the corner.

Maybe this game is damned.

Link from where I downloaded this game:

I forgot to mention the controls in the game.

Player movement: W, S, A, D.

For turning the player, that is, changing the look, is not the mouse, as we are used to, but the arrows under the right shift.Image[/img]
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