9 7 3 - Just a friendly reminder that there's always more than what meets the I

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9 7 3 - Just a friendly reminder that there's always more than what meets the I

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Ok, so you have solved the puzzle and returned to the source?
I bet it all makes sense now, right?
But are you aware of what's left?

In short: Be aware that when your understanding has expanded, any new concepts will have the same potential to limit and constrain you as your old concepts had if you take any revelation to be "final", simply because The Absolute cannot be revealed in its entirety as concepts.

”9” wrote:The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao,
the name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The Tao is both named and nameless,
as nameless it is the origin of all things,
as named it is the mother of the ten thousand things.
Ever desireless
One can see the mystery,
Ever desiring
One sees only the manifestations,
and the mystery itself is the doorway to all understanding.
Tao te ching, verse 1
There are always several ways to make sense of whatever you might experience, no matter how elaborate your experience is. There are many keys, systems that when applied as intended can be used to understand anything as long as it is incorporated into that system. And the systems often overlap fairly well, be it Tarot or Kabbalah, I-ching or any other similar way of approach. As long as a system actually manages to somewhat grasp the core concepts radiating from the absolute, it will always be possible to map it onto other systems through correspondense just like in any other process of translation.

Even crude systems and methods, such as hermetic alchemy, will have the power to wow whoever discovers them, especially if it is the first time one stumbles upon a key like this, because the experience will then most likely feel like first discovering language after living an entire lifetime as a mute person in a silent world. And this might cause one to ecstatically proclaim whatever they 've just found to be the one thing to explain it all, superior to any other means of interpreting existence.

Doing that is of course just as foolish as proclaiming the first language you learn to be the superior language just because that was what first made it possible for you to speak and exchange thoughts with others, but sadly it is also most probably just as common as the practice of sticking to regarding one's own religion as superior to others (without even considering even the possibility of simultaneous validity and authenticity of another mans faith and beliefs) just because "This is where I first found the truth".

The aforementioned capacity of systems to overlap and correspond is a wonderful thing and a way to enrich the development of understanding, but when viewed from a one-eyed standpoint it can also be a dangerous catalyst of narrowmindedness. An example of that, possibly sensitive here because it might hit "too close to home" (but also chosen just because of that) is the lure of proclaiming conventional numerology to be "the ever universal key to understanding" and then falling subject to confirmation bias while trying to verify the blanket statement with limited reasoning like "numbers are absolute and thus above any language". Such a statement can in a wrongful context lead to false conclusions despite facts in and of themselves being stated correctly
For instance: it might be the case that numbers and mathematics are superior in expressing certain facts, but that statement in itself neither proves or disproves the validity of conventional numerology since there exists more than one way to derive facts from numbers.

(Example: whenever I do numerology, I use a system that not only "adds to reduce and redues to deduce", but also incorporate thet elements of direct subtractions, multiplication, division and the possibility to explore non-decimal-based ways of counting. This system makes it nearly impossible to arrive at precise results on a detailed level, but it's a fantastic way to explore and broaden earlier mental event horizons. I haven't yet met anyone else who does this, but I think it serves as a great example of the fact that what we take one thing to be -- numerology in this case -- will always have more aspects to it than what we can conceptualize).
7 wrote:There is a powerful force within us, an unilluminated part of the mind – separate from the conscious mind that is constantly at work molding our thought, feelings, and actions.
- Sigmund Freud
Few people nowdays doubt the existence of the subconscious mind, and most of the people with any interest in psychology at all seems to have at least a superficial understanding of how much more vast and immensely influential the subconscious is when compared to the conscious mind. And yet, almost none of this understanding and respect towards the power of the subconscious is expressed in the everyday social interactions between people. And neither that should come as any surprise. Everyday interactions of mostly practical concerns (most often also conducted under either fictional, constructed, imagined or habitual stress of time) leaves very little space for the mutual contemplation of observations that are introspective of their nature.

We live and express outwardly a life that by necessity is limited when compared to what takes place within. Some people are in varying degrees oblivious to this while others are acutely aware of it, and in both cases there will be some that suffers due to this and some who are completely fine with this, and every now and then some will move from one position on this scale to another. This is a fact of life.

It is also an expression of an even greater principle at work: The revealing and the concealing of what is manifested and what is unmanifested.
Just as the conscious mind in size and strength only amounts to a fraction of the subconscious mind, so is the manifested existence (everything, every thing, thought and concept, all that happens within time and space and anything that could be expressed of what lies beyond) only a fragment of the mostly unmanifest absolute reality.

Whenever a subconscious thought impulse is described, we are made conscious of it.
Whenever we forget about something that still affects us, it returns to a comfortable subconscios home in the realm of unconsciousness.
Whenever something unmanifest manifests, its limitless potential gets subjected to out limited concepts, but underneath any manifested phenomenon lies the substratum of the boundless ultimate reality.
3 wrote:"The Magick House of Tantra has a strange design. Many seekers have wandered in and after getting accustomed to their surroundings decided to count and map out all the rooms in the house. None of these types were ever heard from again. I think to this day they are still wandering around with their note pads.”

A look of amazement spread over my friend’s face as he began to realize the vast scope and complexity of the design. I blithered on, “As a guideline I would suggest that one not spend more time than absolutely necessary in the rooms with only one door
- Excerpt from "Our mysterious house of Tantra", source: https://www.internationalnathorder.org/ ... of-tantra/
Exploring reality and digging deeper into the essence of existence can be extremely satisfying. Grasping the world(s) can be fascinating. But no matter the spiritual prowess, one can always get lost, or stuck. As least as long as one for some reason decides to take all this seriously.

Take care!
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Re: 9 7 3 - Just a friendly reminder that there's always more than what meets the I

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My first time on this forum please take care!
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