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I’m going to try and keep the rabbit hole translation of my thoughts here brief before I take a hiatus from plaguing this site with the most mundane initiate concepts.

Lemuria as we call it existed without a doubt I now think, we obviously have very botched ideas on it to even call this race that when they existed before language and invented it but I digress.

Master builders allegedly, human computers capable to measurements of any without tools, sacred geometry built into their very beings. However they had no language and could only speak in sounds, gestures, and they thought mainly in images as they did not speak and used low level telepathy.

I’m not gonna begin to construct a timeline with extreme depth here, but these traits are very similar to precursor races built by the Annunaki and that whole family.

Eventually through enough grunting and pointing the Lemurians as we call them developed the first semblances of language and hieroglyphic language. They also eventually were able to develop tools such as We, You, Me, and I. This born ego. And from this came Atlantis and many other peoples this is a brief synopsis I do no justice here to Tartaria and various other civilizations despite them being more important to us now as the “smaller” civilizations have more leftover ruins and tech and such.

Atlantis becomes, the short attention spanned sacred geometry masters become a prime example of a humanity that “wins”. They develop what we call now philosophy, many of the metaphors we use today, symbology, and most importantly technology.

Whatever happens Atlantis is gone *fart noise* that was quick oh well atleast we have these other continents over here with hopefully no one already living there let’s go over there. So Egypt becomes along with Europe specifically Greece. This is where a huge piece of evidence comes in for this hypothesis.

Egyptians claim incessantly in their stories they come from Atlantis or an equivalent, while not much is found in Greece besides rumors, art, speculation and a quote from Plato. So as Atlantis was advanced the cataclysm knocked them back a stage or so, leaving the people left behind with only remnants of what they were in culture technology and language.

“Egypt” was already a part of Atlantis at the time just as the Holy Roman Empire collapsed into smaller areas. So here we have a race of men prolific in art, masonry, ego, spirit, and science who by default have a stronger connection to thinking in images, and what do they do? Invent the hieroglyphs while continuing beautiful architectural masterpieces that Greece could not begin to rival. However slavery is prominent in their society, along with less free thought despite the prolific creativity

Meanwhile Greece is developing language as we think of it today eventually they spawn Latin and how Latin is treated today is how these races splintered off and came to be from one root. Greece is less concerned with art, more with philosophy and literature and science of course. While Egypt is flushing out what it means to be human in the more based ideas Greece is flourishing in the existential identity crises of the concept of ego, while if anything ego is pharaoh in Egypt, nuff said, as a a descendant of pharaohs I think I can confidently say I’m an arrogant bastard and a good bit of them were too. And this is the current root race called Aryan and wirh us today, we share land with neighbors who will advance our species and eventually lead to our own extinction, I consider myself one, I don’t have to bring a particularly life changing invention or novel or whatever I and others like I simply have to exist understanding the zoo planet hypothesis as so rudely put by us today.

Just as when the first Lemurians were discovering language and setting the stage for Atlantis thus causing a Venn diagram overlapping, just as the survivors of Atlantis overlapped to set the stage for Aryans, we are now setting the stage for the next race/races.

It’s fascinating to observe the remnants of lemuria and Atlantis and even the stories down the grapevine of prior being expressed in the human today. Today we have men who can see the fractal nature and divine geometry with ease and make perfect measurements while also being artistically literate and competent enough to know thyself. A beautiful compilation of all prior races just like how we put air conditioning in cars or how we decided to mix cheese with chocolate.

Now what’s fascinating is how we may observe traits for the next race and how that is weighed and decided. Technically we all decide everyday ourselves which directions we go as a whole. If I had to guess one trait, sense Lemurians only had brief vocal moments with hand gestures and expressions that after so much trial and error became a visual written language, that our own modern psychic “break throughs” such as divine empathy, telepathy, healing, or revelations that only occur briefly in our day to days will start to occur in higher frequency.

See you always hear the new agers talking about “raising your frequency”, while obviously talking out their ass more often than even me which is saying something alarming, when it’s less to do with how far you can jump at a time to how FREQUENT you are jumping.

Of course sense we have an awaken state, sleep is necessary, and sense we are all sleepwalkers currently in varying degrees, I guess that there will be an entropic craze for spirituality involved wirh pushing the human state into a constant awakened mode, or, many will just toss and turn in their sleep as they believe their horoscopes bring them closer everyday to divinity.

This is the age old struggle of the Oracle of any age, consistency. See Hekate waxes and wanes in several stages to dictate the several stages of sleep, awakening, and development of a person in general from child to maiden to hag. The Sun, never moves, we move from it, bc of it, for it, and it allows us to exist.

Some very talented and gifted men may be able to view upon the mind of God and receive revelation of such degree that it makes your dreams predicting your losing your job look like a fucking joke. However if one even makes it to such a level of prophecy as John and can bear the deepest and highest revelation, and cannot do it consistently, on the egos command to some degree, or listen to higher order to receive, then gold you can’t spend or smelt is not worth much.

Take the time of day to think about if your actions today can shape your future child’s life for the worse or better, the same concept applies for the millions that will come from your seed each of us. Starting now I’d like to dictate evolution with the goals of getting to a point where I won’t have to use disgusting joke designed words such as Evil-lution and literally the word Race to describe humanity being humanity. I’m disgusted by the children Gods taking pleasure from duping less far along men, that they view this world as such a joke for their own pleasure that they’ve incepted words like Race into our everyday vocabulary. Like I said IAM NOT A GAME

I think the masons better pack their bags before the architects plow over their playground.

From now on I will hold the image of Oxen Sheep and Goats calling men goyim and tricking them while Unicorns and Phoenixes watch on.

I don’t care if your daddy’s daddy was a Rockefeller and his daddy’s daddy was Azazel himself, one of us won’t be tossing and turning in our graves and one us can visit the firey lake in leisure.
Truly I can say I hate you, and what’s even more true is that I can say as I type this I feel a very specific feeling of watching your child bully another on the playground, there is no word for how God views the men who trick us all incessantly, it’s like disappointed, with undertones of pure conscious antipathy for a piece of yourself, the nearest word a human mind can ascribe to it is hatred or antipathy.

This is much more profound and is a feeling beyond what is Me.

(Side note, I can’t imagine selling your soul for such an a shitty era forgive me lord for I am going to pass heavy criticism here and dish out the scales as a Libra does.
Every single one us has the right to the infinite love and pleasures of eternity, okay let’s put god aside and think selfishly, if I was out for my own best interest why would I sell my soul to be chained to a reality where cardi b exists, but not personal space travel for everyone. It’s just not a good decision when it comes to business. Like okay I get it, quality over quantity maybe you even want to make an artistic martyrdom statement by selling yourself to reap the highest pleasures of this era that you can bc it is the principal of taking what your birthright is of free will and the extents of joy we have created. Okay you fuck over yourself, and the collective, for the same of enjoying the limited game to its full extent. This is like playing the Alpha of a videogame, buying it, and not playing any other build. Perhaps a better analogy would be buying an alpha, and only being able to play the finished product once your computer (you) are tossed into the lake of fire.)
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Re: Races

Post by Auriorusiana »

Why do I never see ppl selling their souls for something intelligent, like idk make all of humanity immortal so that the balance is disrupted and Hades or whoever has to come and set things right. I mean such an event would make a lot of believers out of humanity 👀

If I sold my soul right now to turn all humans blue tomorrow it would probably be the most antichristian christian thing to do since the prior idea of negating death.

If I had to really guess, those who sell their souls for smart reasons are using it in a pyramid scheme while those who do it for fame, fortune, talent are obviously fools and if anything I guess deserve pity vs someone who achieves awareness and still does this.

If I would sell my soul for anything, I’d sell mine for Satans, or maybe I’d sell mine to tattoo “stupid fuck” on every evil politician black mage and snobby kike. I talk to enough djinn to understand my way out of a deal or contract I’m a better snake than snake.

Can you sell your soul to be christ and get all the percs and benefits immediately? Idk maybe I’m just obsessed with the idea of using this “evil” force for anything besides evil selfish reasons. Like how about something as mundane as adding a thirteenth hour or an extra ear lobe overnight that has written on it “god is real mf my Patreon link can be found at…”
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