Marking the 9th - A farewell to a merry city

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Marking the 9th - A farewell to a merry city

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Farewell to a merry city

When I was a lad you couldn’t see over Queen’s Drive, the smog was too thick but the road wasn’t too wide

Those green cast iron gas lamps burning so bright only flickered in the form of a pin prick of sulphurous light.

There was a pit and a smoking slag heap atop of the hill, and yet more belched from the chimney of every mill.

Cigarettes, pipes and cigars a blue haze in pubs, cafes and bars, wreathing living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and cars

Coal fires smoked to keep the house warm, make Yorkshire puddings rise, keep water hot, bake tarts and meat pies,

But no escape from those fossil fuels that poisoned, supported, nay ruled, every part of our everyday lives.

There used to be smoke in our lungs at every turn, but look at us now, we’ve learned little as we continue to burn.

The natural world that sustained us is wrecked, barely remains a going concern, where profit is all our governments yearn.

A. McTiernan ... 20950.html

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