Friday June 17th

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Friday June 17th

Post by Auriorusiana »

A stroll through the digital temple today. 6/17/22. I think that can reduce to 9? Dunno dont care.

We have here in place enough work, passion, and cosmic scaffolding to continue allowing this site and ideas to flourish.

David said somewhere its strange that he was unknowingly doing his work for the eventual invention of the internet. Now these ideas have been eternalized through his own synthesis and creation and propagate themselves amongst countless individuals.

As the ages march on, everones using the internet non stop for better or for worse. Weve come upon and opportunity to make these ideas more "mainstream" or digestible for the laymen journeyman.

This concept im getting across isnt anything knew in fact all of us expected this to be the direction it goes. Pretty soon the mystery schools of old will be incarnated again through social medias and other platforms, with lightning fast promethean fire available with a few taps and swipes, i can find all sorts of cool ways to describe what's happening herr but i dont really have to. You don't have to believe these words either for the coming aeon knows you and believes in you.

Eht namuh has been extremely active for decades at this point. Or like 15 years whatever. With no promotion no advertisement or acts of selling out. It's been sustained purely on gnosis. All of it shall spill onto more accessible media platforms as eht namuh becomes the human via the new internet scape.

So we will see many who shared the same sentiments on this website moving onto to create their own. All while no information or energy becomes diluted.

This is astounding when you consider there's not exactly other sites one can access with these ideas without facing administrative abuse. Whether you use GLP reddit 4chan or whatever it will pale in comparison to the coming platforms either crafted purely independent in their own forums or grafted into existing media. This could only exponentially allow this ideas to snowball and the interest to be taken will only become entropically.
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Re: Friday June 17th

Post by Redbeck »

Dear Auriorusiana,

Thank you so much for your compliments to the site. Just a couple of friendly statistics for you: The 973-eht-namuh-973 site has been up and running since August 2000 and David Denison site founder, data creator and architect has updated the site with new information almost every day since that date.

It has been completely funded by him since the outset and the costs have risen significantly in the interim. However, as a tool of enlightenment it is felt to have brought a great deal to visitors in terms of awakening and expansion of horizons, simultaneously enriching the subconscious mind and the focal thought processes of the conscious mind.

Ultimately and hopefully enabling awakened individuals to contribute their collective intellect to a universal mind with a powerful moral compass, generous spirit and possessed of a creative force that will prevent this crazy world in which we live from falling into war torn, famine stricken, faithless climate declining oblivion.

Pax vobiscum Redbeck

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