All Hail the Green Comet

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All Hail the Green Comet

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All Hail the Green Comet

We are all star gazers at sometime in our lives!

This particular dedicated stargazer captured that once-in-a-lifetime image when the newly discovered green comet completed its closest approach to Earth.

George Chan literally photographed the green comet, known as C/2022 E3 (ZTF) [the numbers within the formal comet name add up to our power number 9] from his back garden in the suburban village of Bramcote, situated in the Broxtowe district of the English county of Nottinghamshire, in the United Kingdom.
This icy body originates in the Oort cloud, a collective of other icy bodies located at the edge of the solar system; its journey to planet Earth took around 50,000 years.

Green Comet = {7+18+5+5+14 3+15+13+5+20} = {7+9+5+5+5 3+6+4+5+2} = {31 + 20} = 51 = 6.
Ooort cloud = {15+15+18+20 3+12+15+21+4} = {6+6+9+2 3+3+6+3+4} = {23 +19} = 42 = 6.

Comets are mostly made up of ice and dust. As they pass close to the Sun, they warm and begin to release gases, a process referred to as ‘outgassing,’ producing a visible atmosphere or coma, and on occasion a dust-laden signature tail. These phenomena occur due to the effects of solar radiation and solar winds upon the nucleus of the comet.

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