A quick "hello"

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A quick "hello"

Post by emptycreep »

Hello to whoever may be out there and reading this. Hopefully there are still some people who regularly hang out here.

I'm not sure how I ended up finding this place. I've known about it for a few years and have spent a decent amount of time going through different pages and trying to learn what I can.

I feel called to make this post because I am at a point in my journey where I could really use some actual guidance. I have been self-taught for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I felt a natural inclination to consistently study and teach myself things that may be considered strange or unusual. Yet, I feel like I have been going in circles for a while now. Sometimes I am able to figure things out on my own, but I know that I need to find some sort of community to be a part of. People who understand the truth and can help me see things I may have missed.

If there's anybody out there who would be open to talking back and forth and getting to know one another, sharing spiritual advice or thoughts about the world, I would be really thankful. Even if I could just start posting here and make a few acquaintances to swap ideas with, that would be a great start.

Sometimes I feel like I've lost the scent of the trail, or that my path leading to 'truth and knowledge' (whatever that may be) has run cold. Like I fell down the rabbit hole and made it through to the other side, only to learn that nothing has actually changed as a result of my journey.

Do any of you ever feel this way? How do I find the path again to get back to where I was? Or was I wrong all along, and the world is just nothing more than a series of incredibly mundane events leading slowly toward death? What if there really is nothing strange or unusual about the world after all, and I have to spend the rest of my days creating fairy-tales just to keep myself entertained? Even this website, which I once found to be mysterious, feels like a dead end.

I just hope that there's something I'm missing out there, and maybe one day I can figure it out.
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Re: A quick "hello"

Post by Redbeck »

Dear emptycreep,

Welcome to the Oracle Forum community and thank you for your articulate observations and coupled request, hopefully the following will help you and many other fellow seekers of understanding.

Pax vobiscum Redbeck

And so to a brief introduction as to the essence of the site, although we recommend that the reader initially explores what is a vast repository of creative information solo over time to gain an initial interpretation, which generally does require that you dig deeply down through a wide spread of indices in order to follow the thread and effectively weave your own pattern of interest and therefore in a sense create your own learning destiny.
While complex in nature, this is not a university degree course with tutors in attendance to guide you through the matrix however this synopsis has helped others in the past and is updated as often as we can. Nonetheless, as a new reader we would still recommend that you gather a collection of your own experiences and identify the areas of knowledge that interest you most. By taking this approach, you will be embarking on what should be viewed as long but ultimately fruitful journey. I assure you, that as an intellectual odyssey it will expand both your inner reflective and external observational wisdoms, some might refer to this as enlightenment, however this will lead to a significant change in your perception of life.

The site was created to help divine how we as humankind can collectively help to save the world from its current predicament before it is too late. Any enlightening vehicle for personal change will undoubtedly cover a sea of topics from the spiritual to passionately creative art & literature, through sociological and philanthropic topics, saving and protecting the natural world and habitable environments to shifting capitalistic dictatorship to sociocracy, as well as understanding the elements of climate science which form the ingredients of the "current predicament". This also invokes a self determining behavioural charter where as many of us as possible are able to change our ways at a individual level, facing up to governments who continue to demand delusional profit in their upper echelons in pursuit of the capitalistic dream, instead of ensuring that there are sufficient shared means and resources distributed across all human kind to enable them to peacefully coexist and live a decent life. And many more laudable objectives to help preserve our planet besides.

Turning the first page on 973-eht-namuh-973.com, walks you into what is a knowledge collection, exchange and transference site, designed to reinvigorate a possibly jaded habit of learning. A reignition that will hopefully lead visitors to the site onto alternative positive thought paths resulting in plans of action, that we believe will in turn motivate thinking readers to access and participate in a universal mind for the greater good of humankind. Universal mind, being an amalgamation of enlightened intellectual resource that will hopefully help us to collectively restore the world we inhabit to become a better place on every level, for all inhabitants of planet Earth.

One might call it a scholarly but nevertheless pragmatic push toward establishing an even handed and philanthropic world government as far removed from the ideology of capitalism as it can possibly get, approved by humanity not self serving politicians. A body that will eventually, under the stewardship of states-persons of powerful positive ethics and intellect, in possession of sane and compassionate minds with an impeccable moral compass, completely devoid of ego or obsession with either power or money, hopefully fashion a superior quality of life for all. A quality of life and law that will consign the prevailing rampantly capitalistic self-centred society into history, voiding its gluttonous appetite for precious elementary raw material, that is systematically destroying the human race. Sharing those natural resources currently dominated by a minority but in this case with no caveat of ownership: water, forest, grassland, and agricultural produce to sustain humankind, establishing global balance and wellbeing as a result.

You will also have noted from your previous investigations into the site content and structure that within this catalytic convertor toward positive global change, that transposition of language into number is vitally important to the process. The resulting numeric patterns that already appear within our work as well as future decoding, are highly tuned sensory indicators of the stress and crash points in our world that require addressing with great urgency, in order to prevent the whole socio-political system under which we presently exist sliding off the edge of a cliff in chaos. And figures strongly in the universal mind pathway to greater good which is the foundation stone of 973-eht-namuh-973.com, where 5 represents the balance and wellbeing between 1 and the ultimate power number 9 (Where the number nine can both determine or be a spreader of either intense sunlight or repressive darkness).

As far as the numerology aspect goes, the alpha to numeric transposition is straightforward. English (Latin) alphabet letters assume a value from A = 1 to Z = 26. Where letters are assigned a double digit number then the 2 digits are added together, for example R = 18 then 1 + 8 = 9. Then once each letter in a full word either has or has been resolved into a single digit number, then the values of the letter are added to together.

Taking 'together' as an example, T = 20 O = 15 G = 7 E = 5 T = 20 H = 8 E = 5 R = 18; so 2 + 6 + 7 + 5 + 2 + 8 + 9 = 39

3 + 9 = 12 1 + 2 = 3.

Clusters of gold letters found among red add up to 9, which is the power number whichever the context good or evil, 5 is the number of balance,

Along with this, we believe that the creative arts in all forms are hugely influential in a more joyful movement for human change that will help revive a flagging world and rejuvenate a rapid and sadly declining grasp of spirituality and how to tread the road to peaceful coexistence and humanity towards all human and sentient beings on earth. Above all ultimate ambition is to stimulate alternative thought processes among the 973-eht-namuh-973 community that would eventually result in actions for the greater good of humankind.

What I would add in conclusion is that the newly arrived should enter the site with a free spirit unencumbered by preconception. For while you might not find an exhaustive list of answers that you seek in one huge explosion of light, the candle of knowledge, truth and proof will burn all the brighter because of your efforts until it becomes a candelabra of sweet smelling beeswax candles, and you will most certainly uncover answers. But don't give up, keep at it as the founder creator and content architect of the site, David Denison is constantly adding new material.

It would seem apt to add the words of the highly influential Italian educator, physician and writer on scientific pedagogy, Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori, to this profound chain of thought.
“We cannot create observers by saying 'observe', but by giving them the power and the means for this observation and these means are procured through education of the senses.”

Oh…………and thank you for boarding the train.

Kind Regards Redbeck

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